MOM Stops operations of 3 workplaces for not adhering to Safe-Management Measures

MOM has stopped three workplaces from operating for not putting in place adequate Safe Management Measures. Safe Management Measures are critical to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19

Ministry of Manpower said that it had inspected more than 200 workplaces and businesses as businesses resumed operations following Singapores exit from the Circuit Breaker on 1st June 2020 (effective 2nd June 2020)

The Safe Management Measures and the requirements of the Safe Management Measures had been shared via Ministry of Manpower since 9th May 2020.

According to the reports, the three workplaces that were told to cease operations did not ensure that adequate safe management measures were put in place. These included instructing all employees to return to work in the office, instead of making provisions to allow employees to continue working from home, said MOM in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Employers are to note that the best form of safe management measures are telecommuting or working for home.

MOM said that employers will be asked to explain their actions if it receives complaints from employees who have been asked to return to the workplace or office despite being able to work from home as they had done so during the circuit breaker period. MOM will take enforcement action accordingly in order to protect employees should the employers be unable to provide a reasonable explanation.

Mr Silas Sng, divisional director of the MOM’s occupational safety and health division said it is “understandable” that some employers may be eager to have employees return to work in the office after the two-month long circuit breaker period.

He stated that “However, we would like to remind employers that working from home must remain the default working arrangement for employees who are able to do so,”

MOM also urged all employers and workers to take the safe management measures seriously.

Safe Management Measures are critical to keep our workforce safe. Lets work together.

Disclaimer- we are providing this information in order to help businesses as well as the community. Lives and livelihood is important. This information is readily available online. You can and should look at the latest updates from the Authorities.