More than 5000 renovation contractors approved to start work from 2 June 2020

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced that it has cleared and approved all applications for suspended residential renovation projects that are in order.

More than 5,400 renovation projects can now proceed to resume work. All new applications to resume works will be approved within two days if the submission is in order.

Upon approval, renovation contractors can immediately resume work with only the construction workers who reside in private residential and HDB premises. These workers have all completed a 28-day Stay Home Notice during the Circuit Breaker period, and do not need to undergo a COVID-19 swab test prior to commencing work.

However BCA also noted that some contractors may have workers who are still residing in the dormitories. The contractors and the workers will have to wait for the dormitories to be cleared by the Inter-Agency
Taskforce before the workers can be released for work.

BCA stated that there are also contractors whose Malaysian workers are in Malaysia and are unable to travel to Singapore, as well as contractors who
are unable to secure certain materials due to supply chain disruptions. For these reasons, as such there may be delays in the renovations works even after BCA has given the approval.

All construction workers (be it those residing in private residential / HDB premises or those in the cleared dormitories) will continue to be subject to periodic COVID-19 testing after they start work. According to BCA, it will be liaising with the contractors to arrange for these tests to be conducted. If there are positive cases detected through the tests, the affected
worker(s) will have to stop work immediately, and his close contacts will all be quarantined.

For now, BCA will continue to focus on the suspended residential projects.
Contractors with such projects may submit their applications to BCA and provide the relevant information

BCA has noted the issues raised by contractors and BCA has decided to simplify the process, there is no longer a need for contractors to submit the renovation contract and photos of the suspended renovation works.

BCA has also clarified that renovation workers who are Work Permit or S
Pass Holders are only required to register for the “COVID-Safe Training for Workers” online course at

BCA has informed all that renovation contractors are also not required to send their workers for the “Safe Management Officers Course for Construction”, which is for on-site works.

However as a reminder – all businesses are to have their Safe Management Measures in place.

Disclaimer- we are providing this information in order to help businesses as well as the community. Lives and livelihood is important. This information is readily available online. You can and should look at the latest updates from the Authorities.