NTUC Learning Hub Safe Management Officer course for construction

NTUC Learning Hub Safe Management Officer Course for Construction- do approach NTUC

Safe Management Officers Course for Construction

Course Overview

As part of the BCAs Covid-Safe Worksite Restart criteria, builders would need to establish and implement a system on Safe Management Measures (SMM)s to provide a safe working environment and minimise risks of further outbreaks. Builders would also need to appoint Safe Management Officers (SMO)s and Safe Distancing Officers (SDO)s as per the Restart criteria. This course is designed for the appointed SMOs and SDOs to perform their duties more effectively. 

AM/PM slots available for weekdays and AM slot for Saturdays.

Who Should Attend

Type of WorksCOVID-Safe Training Requirements
COVID-Safe Training for Workers*Workers deployed on site are given 4 weeks from project approval to complete this trainingSafe Management Officers (SMO) Course for ConstructionSMOs and SDOs can be deployed so long as registration for training has been confirmed and will be given 4 weeks from project approval to complete this training.
Work Permit,S-PassSingapore Citizens & PRsALL
Construction ProjectsYesYesYes
Supply WorksYesYesYes
Building works for single dwelling landed properties (that requires building plan submission)YesYes
Construction Account Works including Earlier Permitted Activities (e.g. site maintenance, site safety, vector control, I&M) carried out at Construction ProjectsYes
Renovation works for residential units (that do not require building plan submission)Yes

*Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) (e.g. Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, REs, RTOs, Quantity Surveyors, BIM Managers, BIM Modellers), as well as personnel supporting administrative matters in the built environment sector (e.g. Admin/Finance/IT personnel), are not required to attend this course.

Course Duration

4 Hours

Course Outline

  • Legislation on Covid-19: Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020
  • Establishing SMMs through Risk Assessment
  • Duties of SMOs

– Coordinate Implementation of SMMs

– Conduct Inspection and Checks by SMOs

– Remedying non-compliance found during Inspection and Checks

– Keeping records for Inspection and Checks

  • Duties of SDOs

– Assisting SMOs in implementing SMMs at worksites and dormitories

  • Built Environment sector specific requirements and SMMs at worksites
  • SMMs at dormitories

Mode of Assessment

At the end of the Webinar, participants would be required to log in to the LHUB Learning Management System to complete the assessment

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

NTUC LearningHub will issue an e-Certificate of Completion to the participants who meet the attendance requirement and pass the assessment